26 December 2009

And so to Boxing Day.

This day used to be about scoffing the leftovers of yesterday's big dinner, more alcohol and of course a great day on the footballing calendar, a day which conjures up great memories following my club, beating the likes of Wolves and Fulham at a packed Edgeley Park.
Or localish derbies at home or visiting the likes of Wrexham and Port Vale. Unfortunately we're now up shit creek without a boat, never mind the paddle, I won't bore readers of this blog with our tedious troubles though. Today sees us play MK Dons away, it's about to finish and we're 4-1 down, our tenth defeat in a row. I don't care what people may think, I'm glad I'm not sat in the cold at that plastic franchise hellhole. Instead, as the telly's shit and I'm bored here's a few highlights from what Father Christmas brung me...

I'm nearly thirty and not spoilt so there's no expensive gadgets and loads of new clobber to show off. So one of the best presents this Christmas has to be Viz's Magna Fartlet.
A complete pocket version of Roger's Profanisaurus. The world famous swearing dictionary crammed with filthy expletives and expressions old and new.
This year was all about books, I must be getting old.

No excuse to ever find myself drinking substandard ale in a substandard pub ever again.

More serious reading this time, with Keith Mann's From Dusk Till Dawn.
A huge chunk of a book charting the growth of the Animal Liberation movement.
I've been after this for a while, and whilst I'm a veggie - my philosophy is to never eat anything with a face through choice, I'm not a vegan, nor am I a peanut and leaf munching tree hugger, but I totally support and admire the work of these people, and who knows? once I've got through the six hundred odd pages I might be a full on yoghurt weaver prepared to bally up and nick animals from the clutches of evil labs.

There's nothing like some good old War during the festive period, a bargain of the epic Band of Brothers box set and Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds on US R1 dvd. I get a lot of American dvd's, usually the bigger films or seldom heard of independent films, most of the time they are better, from the features to the case itself...

Aside from the usual smellies and socks and gruds, there was plenty of stuff to over indulge on.
From chocolates aplenty to lots of ales. And a box of Nurofen (Plus) wrapped up, an ongoing family joke/possible addiction (LOL)

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  1. watch band of brothers on bluray. it will change you.