12 April 2013

Clarks: First Look.

Clarks are pretty damn good at answering our prayers when it comes to bringing back cool, original and mostly forgotten models. Well, I'm not for one minute saying I pray for them, but you know... 
A first look at two new models I'm pretty excited about, the original Caravan / Deep country shoe must be one of the most hard to find, seldom seen models there is. I'm sure loads reading would say that's probably a good thing - granted, they really are the craziest, ugliest most mental things in the world, but me personally, I love 'em! Scouring eBay, you'd be more likely to find those checked strides in the advert above. The Wallabee Ridge is the closest you'll get to them today, just look at that colour! OK they've lost their gypsy tagline aswell, but you're bound to get 'special shoes' comments from the boring clones out there, yeah, they are quite special aren't they? 
And what about the Seam Trek, fucking hell. And that's swearing. It's like my two favourite shoes stuck together. I don't think there's much more this Clarks aficionado could ask for with them, maybe in suede too?
Both will be released in August. 


  1. Well this saves me trawling through online / offline stores looking for my next pair of shoes. Seam Trek it is. Job done. Thanks!

  2. Definitely an acquired taste, but like you I find them fascinating. You'd think Clarks would keep things safe and normal considering their status but I'm happy to see that they are having none of that. I came ever so close to getting a pair of 'special' boots last Christmas but was swayed by the chance my wife would never forgive me. Should the decision come up again I may be that bit closer to pulling the trigger.

  3. Does the inner gypsie want to go and rob copper wires from railways? Perhaps that's why there is so much emphasis on the larger rubber sole for insulation against an electric shock.

    Seam Treck look cracking.

  4. Funnily enough a pair of Clarks Alberni actually saved my life once, I think I've mentioned this, I must have. I got a bad shock from replacing a tube light and the nurse at A&E said if I'd had bare feet with the stepladders I'd have been frazzled. I'm still pretty scared of lights now though. True story.