18 September 2012

Ideas from Massimo Osti.

Recently got hold of the book everyone's talking about, Ideas from Massimo Osti and it's superb. It's massive, you can't just flick through it before bed, and you'll need a decent coffee table for the weight. Crammed full of great photos of Osti's innovative garments from the famous Stone Island and CP Company, to the earlier works such as Chester Perry, Chomp Chomp and other underrated gems like the personal fave Left Hand.
The cool factor goes up with the likes of 'Le Samourai' Alain Delon, Mickey Rourke, Monica Belluci (ooh, la, la) and Dennis Hopper sporting his wares back in the day. I'm trying not to wince at some of the bits I've sold over the years, but you can't keep everything can you?
A fantastic tribute to a genuine legend and hero of the menswear world. The person who certainly had a bearing on me (thankfully) getting into nice clobber and probably responsible for my obsessive jacket hoarding to this day. Salut! Massimo Osti original tribute on countylads, Massimo Osti book.

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