27 August 2009

Blast from the past - Jack Magazine

"an orgy of war, animals, fashion, genius and cool"
At a time when famous long standing men's magazines are going bump, and people
are looking for a good read, and rarely finding it. Jack magazine would fill that void perfectly now. Yet this great magazine went tragically unread by the masses.
I bought and still own every copy, and while people are paying up to twenty pounds for imported magazines at the moment, Jack had it all, clothes, style, music, film, photography, more than tasteful shoots of sexy ladies and even a bit of wildlife.
First published in August 2002 and finishing in the same month of 2004, it was a trend setting A5 in size. Jack stood on it's own two feet, had great stand out covers and content way above it's competitors, allowed the writers to do their own thing, yet was sadly ignored by the masses.

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